Artist Statement 2020


From the beginning of human history, people have been key innovators in progressing our species.  We have forged alliances, gone to war, endured, discovered, began rituals and made labels. We have invented ways to make life easier. 

I find myself, like many others, navigating this complicated world through the lens of critical inquiry and humor. I continually find myself seeking guides and maps. 


After becoming a mother, I started, for the first time ever, to think about this world objectively through the eyes of a newcomer. The filter we apply to experiencing the world, I imagine, is not all that different to how the canvas is handled. Formally, my paintings explore the tension between geometric abstraction and organic shapes. Graphic elements, blocks of color, and formulated environments create a layered reality that challenges the ideas behind “progress” as we face serious challenges to our planet, our society, and within the confines of our own space. My goal is to get others to look at the world more closely around them to discover familiarity in unusual places.

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